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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the facility like?

Your dog will be sharing our home and yard with our dogs and us. We believe a home environment provides your fur baby with a safe, and comfortable setting which helps alleviate unnecessary stress and anxiety. We have a “dog den,” which is a bedroom in our house that is set up with dog crates, and beds and will be where your fur baby spends the night. Our motto is “Say NO to kennels!

What should I bring from home?

Please bring your dogs food bowl and crate if they use one. We provide a large variety of dog beds, mats, blankets and toys for your dog’s comfort during his or her stay. You are welcome to bring personal bedding, toys, food or special treats if you prefer. We also recommend you bring a favorite toy, blanket or t-shirt covered with your scent. This helps to make your baby feel more comfortable at bedtime, especially for first time sleepovers. Please label personal belongings with pet’s first and last name (use indelible marker or any other form of waterproof labeling). Glass and other breakable items are not allowed.

Should I bring the food we use at home?

In general, maintaining the same diet being eaten at home is best, therefore we do require you provide your dog’s own food. We suggest that you bring a little bit extra, in case your pet’s stay is extended for any reason. Please use a marked container for bulk food or labeled bags for individual meal portions. All canned or wet food must also be labeled. If your pet has any food allergies, or any special diet restrictions, please let us know in advance. Additional fees may apply for food preparation above and beyond standard dry and canned food, or for meals/treats in addition to or outside of our standard feeding schedule.

What is included in the basic boarding fee?

Your dog will be treated to supervised daily playtime and open socialization with our regular day care and sleepover guests. This will assure they get the necessary exercise and attention required to make their stay a happy one. Meals will be provided once or twice a day according to your dog’s regular feeding schedule. Doggy beds (or you can bring your own), cozy blankets and clean fresh water are provided throughout the day and night. We make sure your doggy feels welcome and loved with extra rubs and “TLC” throughout their stay. Our standard nightly boarding fee covers a 24-hour period from the time of drop-off to pick-up. Additional day care fees will be applied for time exceeding the 24-hour period.

Will my dog be with other dogs?

Yes! Your dog will spend time playing with the other doggy guests and will have access in and out of the house through a doggy door

What vaccines do you require?

At The Fremont Pups Playhouse, we take our vaccination requirements very seriously. We are concerned with both the health of your pet, and the health of all the other animals your pet may come in contact with while boarding with us. When making a reservation, we will let you know what vaccination information, if any, we have on file for your pet, and when we show those vaccinations are due to expire. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that Pups Playhouse has required proof of vaccinations prior to boarding. We cannot allow an animal into our home that is not in compliance with our vaccination requirements.  All vaccinations must be given at least 48 hours prior to boarding. First time vaccinations for puppies must be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. Vaccinations cannot expire during your pet’s stay.  The following vaccinations are required.

Rabies, DHPP (Distemper) & Bordatella, Dog Influenza and Leptospirosis

  • Rabies & DHPP can be either 1 year or 3-year vaccinations
  • Bordatella must be a 6-month vaccination

How do I get my pet’s vaccination, health certificate, and age certification information to Fremont Pups Playhouse?

You or your veterinarian may send information to Fremont Pups Playhouse via:

Email [email protected]

Regular Mail: Fremont Pups Playhouse, 37958 Stenhammer Drive, Fremont, CA 94536

Please include your name and reservation date in your correspondence.

What do you do if my pet becomes ill?

Each time you check-in; we will confirm how we may reach you directly (or reach a designated emergency contact(s), authorized to make decisions on your behalf while you are away) in the event of an emergency. You will also be required to sign a Treatment Authorization release that allows us to seek emergency care for your pet if you and your emergency contact(s) are unreachable, should a situation should occur. If a problem arises, we will always try to reach you or your emergency contact before taking any action. During normal business hours, we will take your pet to Ace Animal Hospital for emergency treatment. If they are closed, we have arrangements with Beacon Veterinary Hospital, a nearby 24-hour emergency facility that is approximately 15 minutes away.

Do you administer medication?

Yes, we administer pills, supplements, ointments and other oral and topical medications for an additional charge. We regret that we do not administer injections.

Will my dog be safe and secure while boarding at the Pups Playhouse?

We take the safety and the health of our guests very seriously. Please feel confident and assured we will take care of your fur baby with loving care. Our backyard is secure and fenced. For additional security we have additional gates and fencing put up in front of all gates and doors.